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Headshots Photography & Portraits – Geelong & Melbourne

Headshots Photography & Portraits – Geelong & Melbourne

Is your business portrait up to scratch?
What is the first thing that catches your eye on someone’s profile –
Their title? Their job description? How many certificates they have?
No, it’s their photo. It is the first impression that leaves the biggest impression and the photo you have on your LinkedIn (or Facebook) page is how you portray yourself.

So I ask you – how are you portraying yourself?

Is your image blurry, a ‘selfie’, a ‘happy snap’ cutting out the person next to you, taken a lifetime ago or even simply left empty?
This may not necessarily be the best professional image you want to project.
We’re lucky to live in an age where you can take a photo with any basic smartphone.
However, if you want your business portrait and your profile to stand out in the social media crowd, a professional photographer can help with important elements such as the backdrop and the lighting.
Ensuring that your business portrait shows you off in the best possible way.

I will make your profile stand out with a photo that emphasises your professionalism and your brand.
You will receive 3 Professional Business Portraits for your social media pages, website or cv, in high resolution and as thumbnails
– in colour as well as in black and white.

We will have a quick initial discussion over the phone so that I can establish what you do and what kind of image you’d like.

You can choose either a Melbourne* or Geelong location, your office or my studio to have your portrait taken and your session will only take 10 minutes out of your busy day.
If you have a team of employees and want all profile photos to look consistent, or if you have some friends who need their profile photo updated also, bring along 1 or more people at the same time and location.

If you’d like your name and brand added your business portrait, you can send me the details and I will add this to your photo.

Check out my Pricing Page or

Contact me on 0406 516 135 to book in your new Business Portrait Sitting!

*Contact me for a quote if you’d like your portraits taken in Melbourne.

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