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finelineart photography geelong finelineart photography geelong

 The nude body is Art in itself.

Nude Art Photography Geelong & Melbourne, allows you to create a work of art of yourself, for yourself.

For myself as a photographer, capturing the raw essence of the perfection of what mother nature created, is pure art. This is your chance to celebrate your beauty and create a sensual piece of art for your partner, or to indulge and have it just for yourself! In all my sessions, I make you feel comfortable and at ease. Your session will be in the privacy of my (heated) studio, and we will create images within whatever your comfort level may be.

I have captured countless bellies that contain miracles within, witnessed babies entering the world and taking their first breath, photographed the absolute beauty and perfection of brand new babies and now I am so excited to take the next step of creating images to celebrate nude art.

Be inspired to create art with your body and honour its beauty.

There is nothing more powerful and creative than the human form.

Through the ages, be it in rock art, paintings, sculptures or photography, the nude has been arguably the most effective means of arousing emotion, passion and respect. As with all evocative art, this aesthetic form captures and elevates the context, honours the subject and inspires the viewer. Nude photography takes the human form into unimagined realms and playfully celebrates the richness and subtlety of our human experience.

You can browse my gallery here to give you some ideas and inspiration of what Nude Art Photography is. My studio is based in Geelong, I also have studio space available in Melbourne should you prefer this.

If you have any queries regarding this type of shoot, or would like to discuss a certain type of style you are looking for, feel free to contact me.

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