birth photography geelong

Birth Photography – Geelong & Surf Coast


Birth Photography – Geelong & Surf Coast

Giving birth is the most magical moment in a mother’s life.

Having had two homebirths myself, I am passionate about being able to capture the miracle that is birth.
Birth is an amazing experience in any mother’s life, witnessing the first ever breath of your baby, the first eye contact, meeting this little human being who will be part of your life forever – is truly magical.

My Role As A Professional Birth Photographer

Birth photography is about capturing that deep, powerful, primal state that a woman enters, the amazing support that is given by those who surround her.
The intensity of the moments prior to the miracle that is about to take place, and of course those many firsts that this new little person is about to experience.
Those very first minutes that are often forgotten, and rarely photographed, are among the most awesome moments in life.
My role is to silently witness and document this precious time and give you the gift of memories of your own little miracle.

Should you want your birth photographed, please call me on 0406 516 135 to discuss.

Congratulations Laura on your little bundle of joy Blake 🙂



Congratulations Alisha, Justin & Max for becoming a Mum, Dad and Brother again!

Welcome to the world baby Archie


Your birth was truly beautiful, your mummy did an awesome job and your daddy was such an amazing helper and fantastic support.

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